About the novel: Victor and Terrence is a story about two orphans that escape dire circumstances. They befriend a lady who lives in a little shop, and a family of dairy farmers. The time line of the novel spans four decades. A lot of things happen. Some might shock, and astound. And some just might make you smile, laugh, cry, laugh, and smile, again.

About the author: Born in Sydney, Australia. His mother died young. He had a close encounter with a bolt of lightning at five. At eight, he had to climb a cliff, when an incoming tide brought waves that were crashing over big rocks. At ten, he earned the right to steer a heritage ship on sea trials. He grew up in a red-light district in the 1970s, and learned how to do cartoon film animation, ride long distances on a bicycle, and work on construction sites. He has maintained an active interest in art and literature through the years. He decided to write a novel. This is it.

Available now on Amazon (ebook and Print), Apple ibooks, Kobo, Google Play, and through book shops (globally).

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